Apr 28 7:21pm

Mat Masoni ~ FLOC’s Graphic Artist

This week’s FLOC member profile is on the unbelievably talented graphic artist, Mat Joseph Masoni.  So much to say about Mat!  He’s a great guy, a sharp dresser, funny, a Guitar Hero champ, a friend to many and above all a wizard at graphics.  Without a doubt, Mat has got artistic talent out the wazoooo!  From day 1 Mat has been FLOC’s graphic artist and has truly put the stamp on FLOC’s look, feel and branding.  Every flyer, image, t-shirt, poster, banner and even this e-newsletter you are reading was designed by Mat.  He’s good, really good and super quick.  FLOC simply can’t brag enough about how amazing this guy is and how professional he makes FLOC look.  But beyond the graphics, you’ll also find Mat in the community volunteering and working with a number of FLOC’s charity partners.  Mat walks-the-talk as a FLOCer and truly embraces the idea of leadership in action.  From building houses with Habitat for Humanity (watch video) to running in the upcoming PCRF race, Mat is present, engaged and excited about participating to make a difference in the community.

FLOC is greatly indebted to Mat for his endless number of volunteer hours and unyielding service in establishing FLOC’s branding and professional image.  If you need a graphic artist, we highly recommend Mat and trust that he will do the same for your business or nonprofit.

Thank you for using your talents to serve the community Mat!

To learn more about Mat and his many talents including graphic design, logo design, webpage design, etc…please check out Mat’s profile in FLOC’s Membership Directory here.


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