Mar 30 7:32pm

Jackie Leeman, FLOC’s Volunteer Coordinator

Question:    How does one aspire to become FLOC’s Volunteer Coordinator?

Answer:  It’s not an easy task and requires years of planning and preparation.  Here’s what is generally expected:

1) You must be born in Anaheim with an older brother and younger sister.

2) You must be named your elementary school’s most outstanding student.

3) You must be elected 7th Grade Rep., 8th Grade President, Freshman Class Secretary, Sophomore Class President, Junior Class President and High School Student Body President.

4) You must have performed as a professional cheerleader with the National Championship Team, traveled internationally representing the USA and crafted choreography for the San Francisco 49rs as well as the UCLA half time shows.

5) You must have 8 years of professional experience in home mortgages and continue to work in the field while at the same time juggle studies for a degree in Human Services.

6) You must have a beautiful nine year old daughter, take her on exciting trips around the country, attend her softball/soccer games on a regular basis, educate her on the virtue of community service and volunteer together.

7) You must dearly love your friends and family, enjoy spending oodles of time with them and bring joy to their lives through endless positive energy, a constant smile, great humor and inspiring thoughts.

8 ) You must desire the outdoors, take pleasure in water skiing, enjoy sunbathing at the beach, go BIG on the snowboard and plan camping trips to far away destinations.

9) Most of all…you must love being involved in your community, are dedicated to serving those who are less fortunate and have a talent for motivating likeminded FLOCers to do the same.

10) In a nutshell…you must be Jackie Leeman!

FLOC is so thrilled to have a Volunteer Coordinator as ambitious and talented as Jackie.  She joined the organization in the early winter of 2009 and has had a dramatic impact on both its growth and continued success.  She is esteemed by FLOC’s nonprofit partners, the FLOC Team and the numerous FLOC members/volunteers who have contributed over 24,000 hours under her watch.  FLOC simply wouldn’t be where it is without her.  So, thank you Jackie!!  Thank you for your passion and we look forward to many more wonderful volunteer experiences to come!!

If you haven’t met Jackie yet…then now is the time.  You can usually find her walking through the crowd at a FLOC Awareness Event and taking e-mails from those who want to volunteer.  Track her down, volunteer and make a difference in your community!

For more info on Jackie and/or volunteering with FLOC click on her FLOC Directory profile or e-mail her at


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