Jul 25 3:19pm

American Philanthropy Podcast – Prize & Venture Philanthropy w/ Lindsey Burris

Innovative Philanthropist Lindsey Burris and American Philanthropy host Shawn Wehan discuss two growing genres of philanthropy: prize and venture. Nonprofits such as the Xprize Foundation and GenNext Foundation are creating significant change and societal benefit by approaching philanthropy from the vantage point of innovation. Lindsey instructs and shares her personal experience as both Development Director and Executive Director of two of America’s top impacting organizations, as well as her next steps in advancing philanthropy.

Further insights include story snippets involving the background history of prize and venture philanthropy, the nonprofit charity:water, futurist Peter Diamandis and background from the Almanac of American Philanthropy.

Contact: Shawn@givsum.com

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