Membership with any organization or gym can often go the way of a New Year’s resolution (88% fail rate).  At first you have lots of enthusiasm and push hard for a short period, but as time progresses you get busy, you forget and time passes without much use of the services you’ve paid for…  The… read more

January 9, 2013

Why I love FLOC?

We asked FLOC members in 2012 “Why do you love FLOC?”  Below are over 90 responses: Brittney Sawyer ~ “I love FLOC because it seems like a great networking opportunity. How often do you get the chance to meet people that dedicate free time out of their busy schedules to helping out in their community?”… read more

December 21, 2012

2012 Year In Review

FLOC has much to celebrate at the end of 2012 with over 65,000 service hours given to the local community.  That number was achieved through 127 volunteer opportunities, partnering with over 105 nonprofits, operating in OC, SD and LA counties, engaging new members and creating an innovative corporate volunteer matching program.  According to the Independent Sector  an hour of… read more

For the third consecutive year, FLOC members assisted Santa and played elves for the annual CASA holiday celebration.  The event took place on December 15th, which involved hundreds of Court Appointed Special Advocates and the children they mentor.  FLOCers handed out presents, took photographs and assisted with arts and crafts.  Kim Burrell, who is both… read more

Thanksgiving is a time of “Giving Thanks.”  The Dana Point 5th Marine Regiment Support Group is working alongside of some wonderful community friends to sponsor a special day of thanks to our Marines, Sailors, and Families.  These remarkable individuals have chosen to dedicate their lives to protect and serve the freedoms of all Americans.  Our… read more

This past winter FLOC put a challenge out to its members to take their volunteering to the next level by participating on a nonprofit committee and/or board.  Several members took on the challenge including Shereen Miniawi (for iHOPE), Abbie Erickson (for the American Cancer Society) and Natalie Alvarez (for CASA).  These FLOCers jumped in with both feet and… read more

          Paddle Party 2012 was an epic event!  The Guinness Book of World Records for the largest paddleboard lesson was set at 500 people, total attendees were estimated around 700 people and Hailey’s House was introduced to all by its founders Kisha and Tom Maher.  The event was hosted at the… read more

This year the coveted “FLOCer of the Year” award went to the one and only Mat Masoni!! The award goes to the FLOC Member who best demostrates service, leadership and community engagement.  Mat was by far the most active member of FLOC’s year 3: volunteering 100s of hours, contributing dollars to several charities and leading… read more

May 10, 2012

The Why Question…?

Today FLOC members celebrate the life of a young man who passed away a year ago from cancer.  The beloved husband/friend/son lived a beautiful life, but died way too young to a disease that has taken away too many lives.  As a gesture of support and solidarity, friends and FLOC members volunteered/ran last Sunday at… read more

Throughout the last three years FLOC has been thrilled to partner with a number of amazing businesses that have helped us grow and expand across southern California.  Most recently FLOC partnered with Sequoia SEO, through Member Richie Aronson, to increase our online presence and to help “FLOC” (referring to the Future Leaders of Our Community) become #1… read more

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