ANNOUNCING THE POWER OF TWO CF DOCUMENTARY FILM – AUGUST 2011 The Power of Two, is a transformative film inspired by the memoir written by Southern California native identical twins, Anabel & Isabel Stenzel (Univ of Missouri Press, 2007). The Power of Two documentary film will premiere in Los Angeles on August 19-25, 2011 at… read more

On Saturday, July 30th, 23 FLOC members gathered among hundreds at the LA Regional Food Bank for our first-ever volunteering event in Los Angeles.   For three hours, we FLOCers dragged, lifted, kicked, pulled, pushed, and packed crate after crate full of cereal boxes, peanut butter, and canned goods. All in all, over 3,600 meals… read more

FLOC LA threw their kickoff party in style as they honored the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank at the Tin Roof Bistro in Manhattan Beach (watch video and see photos).   66 of LA’s best were in attendance to mingle, chow down on some gourmet sliders, and throw back some select organic wines. Andrew Siciliano… read more

On July 20th FLOC will host its first ever Awareness Event outside of Orange County’s boarders.  Deemed as an “expansion,” FLOC will be introducing the Los Angeles’ young professional community to the amazing work of the LA Food Bank.  Like always, there will be an opportunity to network, meet new friends and sign-up for a… read more

The REALITY of adult life is that you have to pay to play.  There simply is “no such thing as a free lunch.”  The pain of this REALITY strikes us each morning as we don our fancy clothes, leave our homes and venture into the oh-so-familiar realm known as “the office.” Day-after-day we play the… read more

Looking for a pick-up line?  Here’s one that’s really telling: “So, do you volunteer much in the community?”  Now wait for the reaction…  If all you see is shock and complete confusion, then you’ve got your answer.  However, if a huge smile crawls across their face, there’s a good chance you’re in beautiful company.  Proceed!… read more

Most of you I am assuming have met him, laughed with him, argued with him, volunteered with him, slapped him, kissed him, jumped on him, been massaged by him, challenged by him, instructed by him, checked-in by him, encouraged by him, shed a tear by him or simply decided not to engage with him only… read more

FLOCer of the Year was awarded to member John Lotz this past week at FLOC’s 2 Year Anniversary “Vegas Baby” Party.  The award goes to a member who exemplifies FLOC’s mission of Service, Community and Leadership.  Although the award could have gone to a number of FLOC members, John was the stand-out as he has… read more

May 12, 2011

FLOC Celebrates Year 2

Next week FLOC celebrates its two year anniversary and another successful year of partnering with nonprofits to make an impact in the community.  In many ways this second year marked FLOC’s transition from operating locally to developing a vision for a much broader organization.  Highlights included a name change, the government’s acceptance of our nonprofit status,… read more

Corporate Professional Coach Kevin Buck will be taking FLOCers to the next level of “Strategic Thinking” this Tuesday, May 10th at FLOC’s Spring Leadership Training!  Kevin will cover everything from passionate curiosity and collaborative dialogue to amplified strengths and integrated processes.  Don’t miss this opportunity as leadership trainings only come around once a quarter.  Tickets are just… read more

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