April 20, 2011

Meet Gavin!! ~ A PCRF Kid

“Most of the important things in the world have been accomplished by people who have kept on trying when there seemed to be no hope at all.“– Dale Carnegie While you were celebrating the start of the New Year this past January, Gavin, age 5, and his parents were at the hospital.  He had a… read more

This week’s member highlight is none other than FLOC’s young buck Brett Laddusaw!  Originally from Chino Hills, Brett received his high school education from the all boys school Damien High, a degree in economics/history from UCSD, a short work stint in Arizona and now he’s officially dropped anchor to play a positive role in Orange County.  Those… read more

On Monday, April 4th of this past week, 8 FLOCers participated in the Kids Konnected Golf Tournament and believe it or not one of the FLOC “foursomes” took first place!  The team was led by Johnnie Walker and his friends Michael Carfioli, Ryan Allen and Scott Langford who managed to score an unbelievable 56 on the… read more

FLOC is thrilled to have Executive Coach Kevin Buck as one of our Leadership Trainers!! Kevin Buck is a collaborative executive coach and leadership consultant with over 25 years of organizational experience across a wide spectrum of groups and industries.  He is the principal of Emergent Success, a consulting company that specializes in collaborative leadership… read more

Question:    How does one aspire to become FLOC’s Volunteer Coordinator? Answer:  It’s not an easy task and requires years of planning and preparation.  Here’s what is generally expected: 1) You must be born in Anaheim with an older brother and younger sister. 2) You must be named your elementary school’s most outstanding student. 3)… read more

FLOC member John Gibson is on a mission to become the 2011 Leukemia & Lymphoma Society’s “Man of the Year!” We want to help him get there by supporting his fundraising efforts/events and cheering him along the way.  Recently we asked him a number of questions about FLOC and how members can get involved with his campaign… read more

March 15, 2011

FLOC Member Jamie Grant

When asked how she discovered FLOC, Jamie Grant responded with, “well, it was quite the journey.”  A journey of self discovery that led her from working at the Hyatt in Newport Beach, to traveling solo in Latin America for 9 months, to desiring to become a big sister for Big Brothers Big Sister of OC, to getting… read more

If you had the opportunity to make it to the last FLOC awareness meeting,  then there’s probably a good chance that you received a big smile and a friendly hand shake from John Montevideo.  John is one of the few FLOC members that has been involved with the organization since its initial inception and he has played… read more

February 21, 2011

FLOC “Elder” Wade Slome!

From the microphone at last month’s January awareness event, Wade Slome claimed the name FLOC “Elder.” Although he might have been referring to his age as one of FLOC’s “older” members, he certainly spoke the truth in terms of his wisdom and influence that he brings to FLOC as an organization.  Wade’s involvement in FLOC and his… read more

He stands at 6’2″, he’s 26 years old, Irish, an avid skier, surfer, sailor, golfer, international traveler, he speaks Mandarin and knows international business and China like the back of his hand, he’s FLOC’s Co-Founder and is now Chairman of FLOC’s Board of Directors.  His name is Michael McSweeney, and yes ladies…he is the most… read more

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