Apr 14 7:31pm

Brett Laddusaw, The Hulk of FLOC!

This week’s member highlight is none other than FLOC’s young buck Brett Laddusaw!  Originally from Chino Hills, Brett received his high school education from the all boys school Damien High, a degree in economics/history from UCSD, a short work stint in Arizona and now he’s officially dropped anchor to play a positive role in Orange County.  Those of you who know Brett, know that he can be found just about everywhere as he’s 100% engaged in the UCSD Alumni AssociationThe OC Elite, thePCRF advisory board and the numerous events associated with FLOC.  Grasping the concept that “no one gets anywhere without helping other people,” Brett makes it a part of his life to volunteer and give back.  “You feel better about yourself when you know you are helping other people,” says Brett.  “Plus you meet a lot of incredible people along the way.”  Brett’s actions exemplify what it means to be a “future leader” and his bright smile, positive attitude and warm personality make him a pleasure to be around.


Besides volunteering and attending networking events, Brett’s “day job” involves working with individual investors to explore whether an investment in healthcare real-estate is suitable for their investment portfolio.  He does this as an Associate with Cornerstone Real Estate Funds.  Brett can also be found in the gym hitting the weights, running triathlons and jumping out of airplanes!


The members and partners of FLOC are privileged to have Brett Laddusaw involved with the Future Leaders of Our Community.  He is considered by many to be a good friend, a great guy to know and someone who has a very bright future ahead of him!  To learn more about Brett, please click here to view his profile on the FLOC Directory.


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