Feb 15 7:47pm

Charter Member Profile: Michael McSweeney

He stands at 6’2″, he’s 26 years old, Irish, an avid skier, surfer, sailor, golfer, international traveler, he speaks Mandarin and knows international business and China like the back of his hand, he’s FLOC’s Co-Founder and is now Chairman of FLOC’s Board of Directors.  His name is Michael McSweeney, and yes ladies…he is the most interesting man in the world!

FLOC is excited to have a new Board of Directors for 2011 and even more thrilled to have Michael McSweeney at the helm!  From the beginning of FLOC’s existence, Mike has been instrumental in formulating FLOC’s mission/vision along with consistently offering astute business advice to FLOC’s developing status as an organization.  With FLOC’s nonprofit status now a reality, we are confident with Mike’s leadership that FLOC is in good hands and is sure to have much success in 2011.

Huge THANK YOU to Mike for saying yes to this new role.  The FLOC looks forward to working beside you in 2011.  ~ Please read more about Mike on FLOC’s Directory!


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