Fiscal Sponsorships

Future Leaders of Our Community offers fiscal sponsorships to “programs” that are in the process of becoming their own 501(c)(3) nonprofit and fall under FLOC’s mission/vision of “advancing and inspiring philanthropy.”  If you have an idea for a new community engaged “program” and would like to learn more about FLOC’s fiscal sponsorship opportunity and pricing, please click here.

FLOC’s Current Fiscal Sponsorship Programs:

Fish For Life 

Fish for Life is headquartered in Southern California with a charter to enhance the lives of special needs individuals by inviting selected groups to enjoy a complimentary half day fishing trip on the sea.

This program is designed to provide love and inspiration to a multitude of special needs people while teaching fishing skills and ministering to the value of life.

Miss Tustin Scholarship Association

The Miss Tustin Scholarship Association promotes the pursuit of higher education, philanthropy and community engagement.  Each year our program awards scholarships to young women, empowers them to achieve their dreams and provides the opportunity to be an ambassador for the city for one year.

Rise Academy

Seeds To Empower

Seeds to Empower is a sponsored nonprofit 501(c)(3) organized for the purpose of providing financial support (seed money) for small business entrepreneurs to startup or expand an existing business. We target primarily women-owned and minority-owned causes or that re-gentrify economically depressed areas to reinvest in under reached communities.

Wings to Empower

Xanadu Foundation

X A N A D U [ n. ] an idealized place of great or idyllic magnificence & beauty.  Xanadu‘s mission is to revolutionize the world’s way of living by inspiring wellness, education and green living.  Xanadu is a catalyst for leaders, young professionals and entrepreneurs to cross-pollinate ideas while cultivating meaningful conversations and deep relationships so we may work together to improve the world around us.


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