Feb 21 7:46pm

FLOC “Elder” Wade Slome!

From the microphone at last month’s January awareness event, Wade Slome claimed the name FLOC “Elder.” Although he might have been referring to his age as one of FLOC’s “older” members, he certainly spoke the truth in terms of his wisdom and influence that he brings to FLOC as an organization.  Wade’s involvement in FLOC and his passion for the community has stemmed largely from his work with the Mental Health Association of Orange County (MHA).  Wade is a board member of the MHA and has personal ties to the issue through his brother who suffered from bi-polar disorder for years.  After becoming a FLOC member, one of Wade’s goals was to introduce FLOCers to the MHA and facilitate a fun volunteer day that would involve many MHA clients.  Wade achieved that goal this past January with the MHA/FLOC softball game in Santa Ana.  Over 65 MHA clients and FLOC members attended the lively event and enjoyed each others company during the postgame BBQ.  In all, it was one of FLOC’s most successful volunteer events ever!

“Elder” FLOC members such as Wade truly exemplify what it means to be a leader in the community.  Despite Wade’s busy schedule of running a capital investment firm, writing blogs and books, giving expert financial advice on radio and television and raising a family, he still finds time to give back to the community.  Wade is an inspiration for so many of us and we are thrilled to have him both as a member of FLOC and an advocate for those who suffer from mental illness!

For more information on Wade Slome, please see the FLOC Member Directory or sign up to run next to Wade at thePCRF Cinco De Mayo half marathon, 10k, 5k run taking place this coming May 1st!


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