Jul 13 8:14am

FLOC Expands Into Los Angeles!

On July 20th FLOC will host its first ever Awareness Event outside of Orange County’s boarders.  Deemed as an “expansion,” FLOC will be introducing the Los Angeles’ young professional community to the amazing work of the LA Food Bank.  Like always, there will be an opportunity to network, meet new friends and sign-up for a onetime volunteer experience distributing food to LA’s needy.

Huge thank you goes out to Joe Szopa and the FLOC LA Team for working hard (over the last 6 months) to get the LA expansion off the ground.  “I see huge opportunities for FLOC’s impact in Los Angeles.  I can’t wait to get it started!, “ says Joe.  Other LA Team members include: Michaela Buccola, Irene Vizcarra, Maribel Pulido, Andrew Siciliano and Emily Herakovich.

Manhattan Beach’s Tin Roof Bistro will host the first event in Los Angeles and an estimated 60-80 FLOCers are expected to attend!  For more details and to RSVP for the LA kick-off event, check out the FLOC-LA website and events calendar.

~ Special thank you to FLOC’s Board of Directors for their advisory roll and trust in FLOC’s expansion.  It takes great vision to make an extraordinary organization!  FLOC’s Board is made up of a team of great visionaries who through a “one-step-at-a-time” process are moving FLOC forward.  Thank you and congratulations!


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