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FLOC Member and Attorney John Montevideo

If you had the opportunity to make it to the last FLOC awareness meeting,  then there’s probably a good chance that you received a big smile and a friendly hand shake from John Montevideo.  John is one of the few FLOC members that has been involved with the organization since its initial inception and he has played a vital role in helping FLOC positively impact the community.   From offering sound council to making essential introductions, John has been a true gift to FLOC!   Thank you John!

Along with his volunteer pursuits, John is also well known for his work as a work injury attorney with the  firm DiMarco, Araujo & Montevideo. This month, John’s firm has graciously offered to be the “Key Sponsor” for the upcoming awareness event with Big Brothers Big Sisters as well as offer free case evaluations to FLOC members who may need legal representation.

Again, thank you John for the excellent work that you do in the community.  We look forward to supporting you in the months and years to come!

Please take a moment to learn more about John and his work with DiMarco| Araujo| Montevideo below!


FLOC connects people to help meet a need in our community.

Like FLOC, DiMarco│Araujo│ Montevideo, as trial lawyers, work with people in need. We translate our clients’ experiences into a language the legal system recognizes. Our task is to help folks connect and insert themselves into the human experience of our clients’ story. We join FLOC in thanking the members of our Orange County community for to doing the right thing – and doing it well.

When you need trustworthy assistance with workers’ compensation and/or 3rd party work injury cases, please don’t hesitate to give us a call. Case evaluations are free for FLOC members. Just tell them you are from FLOC and ask for John Michael.

When You’re Hurt We Can Help.

If you or a loved one has suffered an injury because of someone else’s carelessness, you should speak with an experiencedDiMarco│Araujo│Montevideo personal injury attorney who will evaluate your case with you, to ensure that your legal rights are fully assessed and protected.  We will:

  • Explain what you can expect at every step of your personal injury case, and will take action on your behalf
  • Make sure you are receiving appropriate medical care
  • Plan and implement your legal strategy
  • Interview witnesses, collect records and other evidence to support your case
  • Confer with expert consultants
  • Litigate and resolve your case(s)

***We do all of this with an eye toward strengthening your position and ensuring your maximum recovery. And the best part, there are NO Up-front Fees – If we don’t win, you don’t pay!

Work Injury: Workers’ Compensation & Personal Injury

When you’re hurt at work you may have two (2) cases:

(1) a no-fault Workers Compensation claim, and

(2) a 3rd Party Personal Injury case.

***KEEP IN MIND: Most law firms do not have a workers’ compensation department. We have a full workers’ compensation department, in addition to an experienced and successful 3rd party work injury department. We are one of California’s most respected Work Injury law firms.


Know All Your Legal Rights, Not Just Some of Them

All under one roof, DiMarco | Araujo | Montevideo has a unique advantage to streamline both your Workers’ Compensation claim and 3rd Party Work Injury case to maximize your recovery. These are two separate claims, but can have permanent impacts on each other if not handled correctly. Our combined Workers’ Compensation and Personal Injury expertise gives us a 360 degree view of both of your cases.

By handling both cases, we will enable you to:

  • Avoid the pitfalls of approaching your case from only a Personal Injury or Workers’ Compensation perspective individually; AND
  • Maximize your recovery.

Our experienced team of attorneys work in tandem to develop your litigation strategies, bring together expert medical witnesses, collect all the necessary evidence to support your claims, and litigate your case(s).

No Up-Front Costs – We Win or You Don’t Pay

At no up-front cost to you, DiMarco | Araujo | Montevideo provides some of the best legal representation in personal injury, work injury and workers’ compensation, on a contingency fee basis. This means that we do not take a fee until you receive compensation. You will not incur any legal fees or costs for our time and assistance unless we do our job and earn you a trial verdict or settlement. We have every incentive to maximize your recovery.

Contact Us – Free Case Evaluation for FLOC Members

All initial case evaluations and consultations are free. You will speak with and meet an attorney. You will not incur any legal fees or costs for our time and assistance unless we do our job and earn you a trial verdict or settlement. Work injury attorneys at DiMarco | Araujo | Montevideo are available to meet our Orange County office, your home or hospital room Monday – Friday 8:30am to 5:30pm. Our attorneys and staff are also available all other times, including Saturday and Sunday, by appointment.

If you cannot come to our office we will come to you. The attorneys at DiMarco | Araujo | Montevideo are available to meet you in the comfort of your own home or immediately at the hospital. You can call us 24 hours a day by telephone             1 (714) 835-6990       or email us at johnmichael@damfirm.com


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