Mar 15 7:42pm

FLOC Member Jamie Grant

When asked how she discovered FLOC, Jamie Grant responded with, “well, it was quite the journey.”  A journey of self discovery that led her from working at the Hyatt in Newport Beach, to traveling solo in Latin America for 9 months, to desiring to become a big sister for Big Brothers Big Sister of OC, to getting hired by Big Brothers Big Sisters, to helping organize the Young Professional Committee of BBBS, to eventually hearing about FLOC and joining the organization.  It’s been a journey for Jamie and one that has brought her to a place of personal fulfillment and meaning for her life.

This month FLOC members had an opportunity to listen to Jamie share her story and her passion of working with Big Brothers BigSisters of OC.  She spoke from her heart about the joy of being a “BIG” for Perla and why she believes other professionals should become mentors for at risk children.  —“There is a huge need right now!  We have 200 kids on our waiting list.  We need mentors and we need you guys!”

Although Jamie’s primary focus is with BBBS, she sees the value in being a member of FLOC and greatly desires to be engaged with other nonprofits that are making a difference in Orange County.  Her hope is to volunteer for other organizations this year and to give back as best she can!

FLOC is thrilled to have Jamie as a member and is inspired by her passion and commitment to serving others in need.  The members of FLOC look forward to working with Jamie and BBBS for a long time to come!

You can learn more about Jamie Grant and her work with Big Brothers Big Sisters on her FLOC member profile!


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