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FLOC Member John Gibson – Aspiring LLS “Man of the Year!”

FLOC member John Gibson is on a mission to become the 2011 Leukemia & Lymphoma Society’s “Man of the Year!” We want to help him get there by supporting his fundraising efforts/events and cheering him along the way.  Recently we asked him a number of questions about FLOC and how members can get involved with his campaign to raise money for LLS.  Take a look at his responses and let’s support him on the road to success!

How did you hear about FLOC and why did you become a member?

My friend and FLOCer, Jake Kucheck, invited me to a FLOC event featuring Camp Footprints at Scott’s Seafood in Spring 2010. After meeting a few people and getting a feel for what the organization was about (building a sense of community by connecting people to charitable volunteer opportunities in their community) I realized I had found a group that was consistent with my view towards giving back – donating money is fine but the real impact comes from getting out there and touching the lives of people directly. I volunteered for Camp Footprints and convinced a few others to join me. It was a great experience and a fantastic way to be introduced to what FLOC had to offer.

What do you enjoy most about being a member of FLOC?

Two things: 1) The people. I immediately felt like part of the FLOC family and quickly become close friends with many FLOCers. 2) The endless opportunities to give back, learn about so many new good causes, and the ability to share my love of giving back to causes I already supported (PCRF and Big Brothers Big Sisters) with like-minded individuals. I guess that’s more than two things but who’s counting?

Tell us about The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society’s (LLS) “Man of the Year” campaign?

LLS has a 10-week fundraising campaign in which 5-10 men and 5-10 women compete for the title of Man or Woman of the Year. The title is bestowed upon the Man and Woman that raise the most funds for LLS during the campaign. I’m not sure I agree with just one title as it takes a team of committed and dedicated people to pull off all the events we have planned. The team we put together for the campaign has been fantastic.

Who nominated you and why did you say yes?

Janet Hamada, a FLOCer, is an avid supporter of many charities and is deeply involved with LLS. The campaign has been the ultimate opportunity to give back. How can you say no to the opportunity to raise funds for a great cause, meet new people, and put on a bunch of fun events? It was an easy “yes”. Plus, saying “no” is boring…

How can your fellow FLOC members support you?

They already have been supporting me! Here are some things everybody can do…

1)      “Like” Just About Giving (JAG) on Facebook ( JAG is the vehicle for communicating everything we’re doing for the campaign.    Or Twitter: @JustAboutGiving Email:

2)      Help us get the word out about our events

3)      Volunteer to help or attend our events. So far we have the following events planned and more to come. More details can be found on the Facebook page.

3/26 Poker Tournament

4/6 K1 Speed Fundraiser (All Day, Irvine)

4/27 Sharkeez Fundraiser (7pm-10pm, Newport Beach)

4/29 Bachelor(ette) Auction at Sutra (9pm-close, Costa Mesa)

5/4 Il Fornaio Fundraiser (6pm-8pm, Irvine)

5/7 Kentucky Derby Party (1pm-8pm, San Clemente)

Why is becoming “Man of the Year” important to you?

Becoming Man of the Year really isn’t that important to me. Sure, winning the campaign and becoming Man of the Year would be anice and a testament to all the hard work by all of us on the team but that is a distant second to how much fun we’ve had so far and the amount of money we’ll be able to raise to help find a cure for blood cancers.


Thank you John for all your efforts.  We look forward to seeing you on the winners podium!!!

You can learn more about John and his professional work on his FLOC member profile page here.


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