Nov 4 7:51pm

FLOC’s Steps to Becoming a Nonprofit.

No joke!  Becoming a nonprofit is a lot of work, financially taxing and a PROCESS.  From start to finish it took FLOC an entire year to get the job done.  It’s not an impossible task as there are 1.3 million other organizations in the US that have been approved, however, don’t fool yourself as its a lot of work and it’s best you know what you are doing before you start down the nonprofit road.

Below are the steps FLOC took to seal-the-deal:

Oct. 2009 – FLOC holds a team meeting to determine whether or not to become a nonprofit.  FLOC Team votes YES!  FLOC begins researching the nonprofit process.

Nov. 2009 – FLOC makes the conclusion that it lacks the finances to hire an attorney (around $3500) and applies for legal assistance through the Public Law Center of Orange County.

Jan. 2010 – The Public Law Center of Orange County approves FLOC’s application for legal assistance and assigns Aref Afsari from the legal office of Paul, Hastings, Janofsky & Walker LLP.

Feb. 2010 – FLOC sits down with Attorney Aref Afsari in Irvine to discuss FLOC’s nonprofit eligibility status and to draw out a course of action.

March 2010 – FLOC applies for a Fictitious Business Name through the Orange County Clerks office in Laguna Hills. “Future Leaders of Our Community” is chosen and accepted!  On the same day, FLOC opens a business checking account.  FLOC then publicizes the Fictitious Business Name (which is legally required) in the Mission Viejo News.

April-June 2010 – FLOC’s Board of Directors bylaws are written, mission/vision is finalized and paperwork completed.

July 2010 – Paper work is sent off to the State of California for name approval.

September 2010 – State of California approves the name and the final signed documents are sent to the IRS. Then we wait.

October 2010 – The IRS approves FLOC’s nonprofit status on Oct. 21!!  FLOC is issued a nonprofit tax ID number: 27-3460415

November 2010 – FLOC changes it’s banking business account to a non-profit account.

Now given it could have been done faster if we had the money, but we didn’t.  We also wanted the paper work to be done correctly the first time around and we simply didn’t have the expertise or the time to do it ourselves.  But those are the decisions you have to make when starting from scratch.

For more information on becoming a nonprofit and for legal assistance, please check out the following links:


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