May 20 8:08pm

Getting Better All the Time

For those who may not be aware, is an ongoing project. Since it is being built by two awesome volunteers (Dewey Bushaw and myself) who are very busy, we will be blowing your minds occasionally with killer site updates as we get closer to how it was envisioned. Drumroll, please…

  • Comments! – comments are rad. Comment on videos, photos, news posts, heck – comment on this post if you want. maybe someone will be cool enough to comment on your comment. If it says “No Comments” in the lower right of any post, click on it and be the first!
  • Video Page – click on the Floc Videos banner to see all of our awesome videos. Don’t forget: full-screen is your friend 🙂
  • Photos Page – see all our awesome photos from past events by clicking on the icon above our latest photos.


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