May 26 6:45pm

John Lotz! FLOCer of the Year!

FLOCer of the Year was awarded to member John Lotz this past week at FLOC’s 2 Year Anniversary “Vegas Baby” Party.  The award goes to a member who exemplifies FLOC’s mission of Service, Community and Leadership.  Although the award could have gone to a number of FLOC members, John was the stand-out as he has single handedly helped lay a foundation for sustainability, growth and success.  As a member of FLOC’s Board of Directors, Committee Member of CASA’s “Betting By the Bay,” consummate volunteer for FLOC’s numerous charity opportunities and advocate for all things FLOC; John undoubtedly lived out FLOC’s mission and is a model for all of us. Congratulations John and thank you for your commitment to the community!


~ John Lotz became a member of FLOC in 2010.  He’s an awesome guy and we are thrilled to have him as an advocate, member and friend.  If you haven’t had a chance to meet John yet, be sure to shake his hand and congratulate him at an awareness event sometime soon!

Learn more about John on FLOC’s Membership Directory here.


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