Jan 12 10:03am

Join an “Associate Board” or “Committee” in 2012!

As FLOC develops and word spreads about the talent, energy, intellect and drive of our members, more and more of our nonprofit partners are approaching us with opportunities for our members to engage on “Associate Boards” or “Committees.”  We’ve received requests from Mission Hospital, PCRF, CASA, Ronald McDonald House, American Cancer Society, The Raise Foundation and others looking for bright “new talent” to help take their charity to the next level.

It’s not easy to get on a Board of Directors of a successful nonprofit.  Often you have to know someone who knows someone, be invited in and then finally voted in.  The best Boards are made up of top Executives, movers and shakers, the finest of OC.  Getting on one of those Boards is tough, but your chances are much greater if you’re already proving yourself on an “Associate Board” or “Committee.”  These groups handle many of the special events, fundraisers and campaigns that are so vital to an organization.  Join one, help the organization be successful and you could well be on your way to attaining Board status.

Interested?  Send us an e-mail at info@futureleadersoc.org  We’ll send you details on current positions available and ways to apply.  We’ll also put you through one of our new “Board Trainings” coming up this year.  That way you’ll be fully prepared!  ~ Oh, did I mention it looks fabulous on a resume!  Hit us up today to be placed.

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