May 9 8:16pm


Dear Future Leaders of Orange County,

We are super excited that our first FLOC meeting is this Wednesday, 7PM, at Purple Feet in Dana Point, and that there has been great enthusiasm around the idea of the group. Without a doubt, adults (both young and old) are thrilled at the thought of coming together to support their community through education and action. The county’s non-profit organizations, businesses and local community leaders have also shown great excitement by partnering together to help bring about FLOC’s mission.

This Wednesday marks our kick-off FLOC event and we hope that you will join us! Rick Erkeneff, Chairman of the South County Chapter of the Surfrider Foundation, will be our guest speaker along with a special welcome by Dana Point City Council Member, Joel Bishop. Hospitality will be offered from 7:00PM-7:15PM and the speakers will begin shortly after that period. Come to network with fellow FLOC members, learn more about your community and get involved.

Looking forward to seeing you Wednesday!


P.S. Arrive as early as you like, but be there by 7PM!


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