Jul 27 8:13am

Lights, Camera, Action!! FLOC-LA Expansion Accomplished!

FLOC LA threw their kickoff party in style as they honored the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank at the Tin Roof Bistro in Manhattan Beach (watch video and see photos).   66 of LA’s best were in attendance to mingle, chow down on some gourmet sliders, and throw back some select organic wines.

Andrew Siciliano did a great job presenting the FLOC LA goals and mission with a down-to-earth, comedic approach. He introduced Marie Carpenter, Community Relations Manager of the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank, who gave a heartfelt presentation about the daily struggles that she witnesses firsthand among our fellow Angelenos in need of food.  The LA Regional Food Bank supports over one million people per week.  Can you believe that?  One million people!  It would be tough to find another organization within LA County that has a greater reach and impact on the community.


Joe Szopa, FLOC LA Director, gave a short talk about how FLOC’s success lies in the great community of people who represent the organization, and Shawn Wehan, FLOC Executive Director and Co-Founder, pitched our membership platform.


The night was the first of many to be remembered in Los Angeles.  Check out some of the pictures in the FLOC-LA gallery!

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