Feb 28 6:39pm

New FLOC Directory ~ Your “Philanthropic Resume!”

This week FLOC celebrates the completion of the new FLOC Directory.  YES, this is a big deal!!  Here’s why:

1.  It separates out members by chapters

2. Every member now has a login and can change their profile at any time

3. It adds members to the Directory immediately following membership sign-up

4. Allows for privacy settings so that members can choose who can view their personal/business information

Here’s what it will do soon:

1.  Every event or volunteer opportunity you attend will be logged (via iphone app) on your profile as “events attended” and your hours volunteered will be shown

2.  Links will be created from your past attended “events” that will include photos, a video (if created) and information regarding the event

3.  You will have the ability to log dollars donated to various organizations for your personal record (not seen by the public)

4.  Your profile will show all the organizations you have worked with throughout the course of the year via awareness events, volunteer opportunities and special events

Over time, your FLOC Directory profile will operate as your “philanthropic resume.”  At the end of the year you will be able to look back and see everything you have done to make a difference in the community.  You will be able to share the information with your employers (matching dollars), at job interviews, with friends for bragging rights, etc…

To get started, please click on the link that matches you:

1.  You are a current member that needs to create a new profile, click here

2.  You are a current member that has a current profile that needs to be edited (login and password needed), click here

3.  You want to become a New FLOC Member with a new Profile, click here

Finally, a huge THANK YOU to our Directory designers Dewey Bushaw and Mat Mason.  This was a massive undertaking.  ~ Want to hire them??  They did FLOC’s work pro-bono.  ~ Please support their business Parapxl by clicking here!

Questions concerning the Directory ~ Please sent to info@futureleadersoc.org

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