Feb 12 12:08pm

New FLOC Team for 2015!

2015 marks exciting growth for FLOC-OC as a new TEAM of leaders take the helm.  FLOC-OC’s day-to-day operations will be handled by FLOC’s new Operations Direct, Tiffany Martin, Chris Magcamit will assist Tiffany and focus on Recruitment, Jenn Merz and Tina Le will be handing Event Coordination, while returning leaders Shaina Flesser, Chrissy Hodge, Melissa Salas and Amanda Masoni will continue in their respective roles as Volunteer Coordinator, Hospitality Director, FLOC Emcee and Membership Director.   All exciting stuff!!

Below are descriptions of the expanding 2015 Team and responsibilities:

Tiffany Martin, Operations Director

TiffTiffany has worked with FLOC since 2012 and has been responsible for building FLOC’s young professional volunteer base and nonprofit partnerships.  In the past she has assisted as FLOC’s Development Director, but she will now be moving into an operational position to help oversee the development of FLOC-OC’s ongoing activities.  ~  Tiffany has been involved in nonprofit work since high school and with two undergraduate degrees in Communications and International Studies and an MBA from Chapman University, she brings FLOC-OC a much needed “philanthropic business mind!”

Chris Magcamit, Operations Assistant and Recruitment

Chris1Chris is new to FLOC and attended his first Awareness Event in November of 2014.  Chris’ background is in engineering, but he’s always had a passion for volunteering and philanthropy.  Chris will be bringing his long-time interest for charity work to the FLOC Team and will be assisting Tiffany on a regular basis along with recruiting new members to the organization.   ~  Chris currently works as a Design Engineer at Zodiac Engineering  and has a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from UC Santa Barbara.

Jenn Merz, Events Coordinator

Jen-1Jenn has been involved with FLOC since 2011/2012 in which Jenn started a special project to feed hungry families called Fair Share.  Since then, Jenn has continued to develop a passion for philanthropy and this year Jenn has volunteered to use her unique planning skills to coordinate all of FLOC’s Awareness Events.  FLOC is thrilled to have Jenn on the TEAM as she’s a pro in negotiating good deals and coming up with creative event ideas.  ~  Jenn currently works as an Executive Recruiter for CyberCoders and has a dual degree from the University of South Carolina in Marketing and Business Management.

Tina Le, Events Coordinator Assistant

tina1Tina has been involved with FLOC since 2014 and has volunteered for a number of FLOC related events.  This year she is volunteering to assist Jenn with all things related to FLOC event coordination.  Tina brings with her a passion for engaging young professionals in philanthropy and providing opportunities for involvement.  We are thrilled to have Tina as her focused attorney mind that will certainly help FLOC work through the chaos of event planning.  ~  Tina currently works as an Attorney for Springel and Fink, LLP.   She holds a J.D. from Loyola Law School, at Loyola Marymount University.

Shaina Flesser, Volunteer Coordinator

shaina1Shaina is not new to FLOC, but enters 2015 with a renewed spirit for taking FLOC’s volunteer engagement to historic levels.  Shaina has been a staff member of the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation for years now and discovered FLOC through FLOC’s partnership with CF.  As FLOC’s Volunteer Coordinator, Shaina will be the right-hand person to Tiffany and will oversee all FLOC volunteer experiences, volunteer recruitment and nonprofit partnerships.  She’s a pro at organizing and motivating others – perfect talents for the position.  ~  Shaina holds an undergraduate degree from UCI in Political Science and Government.

Melissa Salas, “Face of FLOC” Master of Ceremonies

melissaMelissa has been associated with FLOC since 2010 – learning about FLOC from her involvement with the Pediatric Cancer Research Foundation half-marathon fundraiser.  She has an enormous heart for service work and has been dedicated to a lifestyle of philanthropy for years.  For those who know Melissa, her personality is bright, energetic and welcoming; perfect skills for the FLOC-MC position!  Melissa began in 2013 as the “Face of FLOC” and will continue to officiate all FLOC 2015 Awareness Events.  ~ Melissa is by far FLOC’s most experienced MC with an entire professional career in front of the camera.  Who knows, maybe “FLOC-TV” is in Melissa’s future!

Chrissy Hodges, Hospitality Director

chrissy1Chrissy Hodges has been with FLOC since 2010 and has been assisting as FLOC’s Director of Hospitality ever since.  Chrissy walks-the-talk as she’s volunteered 100s of hours to local charities and continuous to motivate others to do the same.  Chrissy’s big smile is the first impression most new FLOCers get as the walk into a monthly Awareness Event.  Warm and welcoming, Chrissy sets the tone for the community atmosphere that FLOC has come to be known by.  It’s a joy to have Chrissy again volunteering for 2015!   ~  Chrissy is a 1st-8th grade Music/Fine Arts teacher at Mission Viejo Christian School.  She holds a Liberal Studies BA from Azusa Pacific University.

Amanda Masoni, Membership Director

amanda1Last, but certainly not least, Amanda Masoni has volunteered and has been leading Membership with FLOC since 2011.  Amanda has been a strong advocate for numerous FLOC charity partners and has volunteered 100s of hours for their causes.  She is also FLOC’s primary communicator, keeping new members involved and engaged in all thing charity related.  FLOC would be lost without Amanda’s ability to keep track of hundreds of members and to keep up to speed with member recruitment.  Amanda is going to be a new mommy soon and we’re looking forward to welcoming her (almost arrived) baby girl into the FLOC family!


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