California Youth Connection


California Youth Connection (CYC) is a youth led organization that develops leaders who empower each other and their communities to transform the foster care system through legislative and policy change.


Foster youth will be equal partners in contributing to all policies and decisions made in their lives. All youth in foster care will have their needs met and the support to grow into healthy and vibrant adults.

Empowering: We value empowering current and former foster youth to assume leadership and advocacy roles.
Member Leadership: We value members assuming leadership positions both within the organization and within the community.
Professional and Personal Development: We value the professionalism and skill of our members and value providing the training needed to enable all members to reach their fullest potential.
Organizing Foster Youth: We value organizing current and former foster youth on a county, state and ultimately a national and global level to advocate for their rights and improve the foster care system.
Willingness for Responsibility: We value the commitment and responsibility of our members and supporters to the organization and to improving the foster care system.
Expertise of Youth: We value foster youth as experts with valuable insightful information and ideas on the foster care system and how it can be improved.
Respect: We value respect as the foundation of our organization and the basis for our relationship with each other.
Inclusion: We value the inclusion and acceptance of everyone in the organization and value our strengths and diversity as a community.
Network of Committed Organizations and Individuals: We value the network of committed organizations and individuals who share our common goals of improving the foster care system and youth advocacy.
Goals of Organization: We value holding the goals and missions of the organization as priority, and value putting self-serving interests aside for the betterment of the whole.

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