Community for Innovation, Entrepreneurship, Leadership & Opportunities


“Our mission is to launch successful entrepreneurs by unleashing innovation, creativity and passion.”

CIELO surrounds entrepreneurs with a network that cultivates ideas and promising ventures.  By surrounding visionaries with a community of entrepreneurial experts dedicated to helping cultivate the skills and creativity of individuals, CIELO empowers our area’s visionaries to build solid, successful business ventures.

Through one-on-one coaching, mentoring and training, CIELO takes entrepreneurs through the process of developing their business idea, gaining the entrepreneurial skills to succeed, and surrounding them with tools and resources to build solid business foundations from which to grow.  CIELO strategically invests in local ventures that will bring innovation and economic growth to the region.

Entrepreneurs are put on a path of financial health by guiding them through cash-flow analysis, profit/loss projections, set up of accounting processes, and once financial steps are complete entrepreneurs become eligible for start-up funds, business grants and investments funds for their venture.

CIELO’s community of experts also includes financial wizards that strengthen existing entrepreneurs to be “investment worthy” so they can secure larger funding and investment to grow their venture.

At the epicenter is a partnership between CIELO and Golden West College dedicated to transforming dreams into reality, and generating economic impact for the individual and greater community.ideas into reality.

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