Corazon de Vida


FLOC’s one year anniversary took place at Sol Cocina in Newport Beach, May 2010.  Corazon de Vida was the nonprofit for the evening and they shared their passion of making a difference for children in Mexico who live at orphanages.  FLOCers had an amazing fun filled evening that was followed by a one day trip to an orphanage in Ensenada.

“What got me doing this kind of work was I realized when I needed it the most that there was a group of hundreds of people around the US who were supporting my needs.  Either directly or indirectly providing funding or work so that I could have a great life, an education and that is why I am able to do what I do today.” Hilda Pacheco-Taylor, Founder and Executive Director, Corazon de Vida Foundation


We support the orphanages of Baja, Mexico by raising contributions in the form of money, material, and volunteer work to benefit and empower the children of Baja.

Corazon de Vida (CDV), or Heart of Life, was formed in 1994 to raise funds and support for the children of Baja, Mexico. Without funds for housing, food or social programs for orphaned, homeless and abandoned children, Mexico is not able to provide a future for its youngest citizens.

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