Dental Care For Children

The forgotten need

There are numerous programs in the underdeveloped world that take care of basic health, education, clean water and so forth. Without doubt, they are truly needed.

But there are very few organizations that take care of the other most basic need of underprivileged kids – their teeth. Pain, decay, impactions, infections… all combine to make a child’s life uncomfortable at best, unbearable at worst. Today, Dental Care for Children is the most successful 501(c)(3) organization filling this crucial need.

Dental professionals who would like an introduction to providing services to the disadvantaged are welcome to join us on any of our clinics.


Each $1 donated creates $8 in children’s dentistry.

No rents. All volunteers. That’s how the world’s most needy kids get $8 in dentistry for every $1 you donate.

In the not-for-profit world, it’s often heard that $2 in services delivered for $1 donated is a truly fine program. Few if any have ever seen three times that much in services. Few if any have ever encountered a well run, not-for-profit that delivers a 800% return.

That’s why Dental Care for Children has been highlighted by the Los Angeles Times, the Orange County Register and many other notable publications


To see these children a smile after treatment is a heart-warming reward. To see them hug both dentists and volunteers is truly heartfelt.Tears of joy, “Thank you” serenades, and the sharing of their meager food is almost always a part of the families’ overpowering shower of appreciation.

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