Families Forward

FLOC partnered with the Emerging Professionals of the Irvine Chamber of Commerce for a laugh filled night at the Irvine IMPROV.  100 FLOCers/EPs attended the event which brought awareness to the nonprofit Families Forward.   Later the attendees were entertained by comedian Ian Bagg.  Following the event, FLOCers volunteered with Families Forward by delivering Thanksgiving meals to families in San Clemente, CA.

“Families Forward has worked really hard to provide a recession response to the south part of Orange County.  So many families have been effected…and people looking more like you than me are coming into our food pantry area all the time.” – Margie Wakeham, Executive Director of Families Forward.


Families Forward assists families in financial crisis to achieve and maintain self-sufficiency. We do not just provide support; we supply the tools for families to move from depending upon public services to return to being independent, productive residents of the community.

Families Forward is a nonprofit organization that was founded in 1984 by a group of dedicated community members who shared the same vision of providing supported housing programs for families in crisis. The comprehensive array of services offered at Families Forward empowers families to regain stability and self-sufficiency. Our homeless prevention services include career coaching, life-skills education, and food assistance. These services are supplemented by our rigorous Transitional Housing Program, which has resulted in more than 4 out of 5 families successfully transitioning from crisis to financial stability, giving their children a stable home to help them succeed in school.

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