Hailey’s House


Hailey’s House is simple:  Help middle school girls headed down the wrong path to change direction and empower their parents to be in charge of their home.


Back in our Grandparents day, a troubled teenage girl that seemed to be throwing her future away was sent to live with her Aunt and Uncle in order to gain a new perspective on life and leave her negative influences behind.  She would return having gained discipline, structure, and priceless life lessons.  She was able to gain these valuable lessons because of two important reasons.  First, she was able to leave her negative influences and move to a new place where she was given a fresh start.  Second, this Aunt and Uncle, man they were good.  Together they guided their niece with love and consistency. They literally would ticket her when she stepped out of line like a well trained police officer…calm and unemotional; the next minute they would be chatting away about life like best friends.  It was a healing, inspiring, family style, life changing, and even fun environment for the teen.  It offered the parents a much needed break along with a hand to hold while they too were making drastic changes.  Orange County’s families’ need a place that teaches at risk teenage girls these same valuable life lessons while empowering their parents to bring that same structure to their family.  A home to send their teenage daughter that’s more intense than counseling but softer than a teen boot camp or boarding school.  That place is Hailey’s House.

More photos from Hailey’s House Fundraiser “Paddle Party 2012”

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