Laurel House

Laurel House was founded in 1985 by two women who were distraught at the sight of teenagers living on the streets of Orange County, California. What began as an emergency crisis shelter for teenage runaways has evolved over the years into a unique, proactive, preventive program for teens at risk of becoming homeless due to tense family situations at home. Before a teenage girl reaches that crisis point where she feels she has no other alternative but to run away, she can come live at Laurel House for six months to one year for a safe and structured “cooling off” period from her parents. Our goals are to provide a temporary, safe home for the teens, properly diagnose and treat for any existing disorders, keep them in school, achieve academic success, and ultimately reunify the teens with their families or find an alternative resolution if reunification is not possible.

Why Laurel House Works

The key to the success of Laurel House is in its uniquely-designed program:

  • Live-in family at the home instead of staff rotating in shifts
  • Longer length of stay – 6 months to one year
  • Individual therapy and Family therapy
  • Cooperation of the entire family
  • Christian home environment

Mission Statement

To support teens in crisis and their families, and to encourage family reconciliation or resolution by providing temporary residential care for teenager, serving their physical, emotional and spiritual needs in a Christian home environment.

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