Mauli Ola Foundation

The July 2011 FLOC awareness event took place in Dana Point at Mahe’s Restaurant.  FLOCers learned about the Mauli Ola Foundation and the excellent work they do to impact the lives of children suffering from Cystic Fibrosis.

“We take kids who have cystic fibrosis out surfing with professional surfers and accredited surf schools…and the children are breathing easier, their lung functions are up, less hospitalization and their self-esteem is raised!” Bobby Serna, Surf Experience Director


Mauli Ola Foundation exists to introduce surfing as a natural treatment to people with genetic disorders. Since 2007 we have concentrated on the amazing connection between Surfing and Cystic Fibrosis. We have taken nearly 400 CF Patients Surfing at over 40 MOF Surf Experience Days. In 2011 we look to expand our program to help patients affected with Cancer and Alpha 1 Antitypsin. We appreciate your interest and would love for you to join the Mauli Ola Foundation Ohana by becoming a member and help us with our mission to help people with genetic disorders through Surfing.

Mauli Ola Foundation (MOF) was organized to promote education, awareness of genetic diseases and to increase research for genetic disorders. The MOF raises funds to support programs for kids and adults with life-threatening illnesses and disabilities through social events such as music concerts, sports tournaments, galas, and other great events. We want to provide a direct and immediate option for children with genetic disorders an enjoyable and healthy way of life through natural treatments.

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