Rewrite Beautiful

Rewrite Beautiful is a revolution to change with art how girls see beauty in themselves from the superficial to the concrete for the prevention of eating disorders and to equip them to use their creative skills to positively impact their communities.


“Street artists believe just because their art doesn’t sit in a gallery, doesn’t mean it isn’t art. Equally, just because society claims beautiful is found in your appearance, doesn’t mean it is.”

Rewrite Beautiful is an official 501(c) 3 non-profit which brings together the concepts of Street Art and beauty with this thought,

Rewrite Beautiful is a revolution to redefine beauty as an ACTION. Beautiful actually has nothing to do with the way you LOOK; it has to do with the way you ACT. Beauty is found in your actions of Creativity, Kindness and Strength displayed in your community. You can either go along with what everyone else thinks is beautiful, or you can be revolutionary and Rewrite Beautiful. Rewrite Beautiful creates this vision through Art Show’s, Beautiful Action Club’s and Street Art in collaboration with local schools, community groups and places of worship.

Our vision is to build a nation of revolutionary girls who don’t focus on their bodies. Instead, these girls focus on the gifts and talents they have been blessed with and figure out how to share those gifts with others. We want girls to focus on changing their communities instead of changing their bodies. Our vision is to see each and every girl say, “I’m beautiful, because I know I am creative, kind and strong. I don’t care what you think of my body, because I know I am beautiful in a way that can never be changed.” These girls would feel so confident they will step out and change their communities through kindness. They will use their creativity to bring awareness to non-profit organizations. They will use their strength to build others up by sharing their faith and their knowledge. These girls will lead the next generation of young women who also want to Rewrite Beautiful.

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