Taller San Jose

Taller San Jose is an innovative Santa Ana program that walks young people out of poverty by offering the hope of a productive and self-reliant future.


The Sisters of St. Joseph of Orange established Taller San Jose in 1995 in response to the high rate of crime and gang violence among the City of Santa Ana’s youth and the lack of resources available to young people who had either dropped out of school or been incarcerated.

Today, Taller San Jose provides undereducated and unskilled young adults who have gotten off track in life with the job training and rehabilitation necessary to find employment at a living wage.

In Spanish, a “taller” is a workshop, a place to build and repair things. “San Jose” is Spanish for St. Joseph, the patron of workers. At Taller San Jose, troubled young people work to both turn their lives around and develop job skills for a brighter future. The program sets clear goals for students to help reduce the barriers to building productive lives, while instilling the values of reliability, responsibility and trustworthiness.


Taller San Jose is a highly focused, goal oriented program that helps students develop into self-reliant adults through three key job-training programs in Medical Careers, Office Careers and Construction. These workforce training skills as coupled with intensive job coaching activities from resume writing to job retention strategies and is reinforced with life skills instruction in financial literacy, healthy relationships, and numerous other personal development topics.

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