A year-long global giving adventure beginning in Southern California on Thanksgiving Day 2014 during which Orange County resident, Tracy Stayton, will perform 34 acts of service, around the world, in her Thirtyfourtunate year of life. 

A little about Tracy Stayton ~

Thirty-wonderful.  Then Thirty-too-good to be true.  Now, Thirty-free.  Free to make changes; in myself & the world. Free to leave behind the empty pining of a Rolex & be thankful for a Timex or more simply, more time. Free to give back to others unconditionally & truly feel fortunate. Not only in my soon to be Thirtyfourtunate year of life, but for all of my years to come.  

Beginning Thanksgiving 2014, the day that, as Americans, we celebrate giving and remembering what we are thankful for, I plan to embark on a giving adventure during which I will perform 34 acts of service, around the world in my Thirtyfourtunate year of life.  

The first of my Thirty-four acts will be in remembrance of my college friend and sorority sister, Becky, who passed away from cancer in 2012.  I plan to rally others to “Pony-up for a Cause” in conjunction with Pantene and donate my hair for the creation of real-hair wigs for women fighting cancer.  Immediately following I will head to the Honda Center in Anaheim, CA to serve Thanksgiving dinner to upwards of 15,000 people with We Give Thanks. 

Although the exact organizations I will partner with are still being decided, I am open to any work, anywhere and am letting need determine my works of service and location.  Amazingly, as I have begun spreading the word and organizing this journey, many of the Non-profits I have begun partnerships with link back to significant people or events in my life that have shaped the person I am today.  From honoring my grandfather, a carpenter who served with Habitat for Humanity, to working with HIV/AIDS patients in remembrance of my Uncle Michael who passed away from the disease, to channeling the talents of my first job lifeguarding in order to teach Central American women & children to swim.  

For me, Thirtyfourtunate is an opportunity to give back: to others and get back: to the basics.  To focus on the “haves” instead of the “have-nots.” It’s about touching lives as I go and changing mine along the way. It’s about remembering what makes us fortunate, no matter our circumstance! 

My name is Tracy Stayton. I am Thirtyfourtunate! And I personally invite you to join me in making a difference!

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