With My Own Two Hands Foundation


With My Own Two Hands Foundation aims to bring the yoga and sport communities together in order to help inspire positive social change on a local and global level. Our goal is to advocate activism within these athletic communities to help those in need. Our mission is to inspire consciousness, encourage activism, and spark a social revolution for change.

Specifically, we help raise funds to donate to nongovernemental organizations (mainly orphanages and schools) in Africa that help support and help build projects that benefit children in Africa affected by poverty and or HIV/AIDS. Specifically, we try and activate our local communities to start a grassroots movement to bring aid to orphans and vulnerable children in various regions in Africa who are affected by poverty and/or HIV/AIDS. Many of the children we work with have lost their parents to HIV/AIDS and we are committed to help provide food, shelter, health and education to those in need. We also focus on taking volunteer teams from our local communities to Africa to firsthand experience the realities these children face. We hope to spark a sense of consciousness in our participants, allowing them to be aware of the impact of poverty and HIV/AIDS. We hope to activate our communities to make a difference in the world, knowing that they really can change the world with their own two hands.

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