Xanadu Foundation


X A N A D U [ n. ] an idealized place of great or idyllic magnificence & beauty.

Xanadu‘s mission is to revolutionize the world’s way of living by inspiring wellness, education and green living.

Xanadu is a catalyst for leaders, young professionals and entrepreneurs to cross-pollinate ideas while cultivating meaningful conversations and deep relationships so we may work together to improve the world around us.

By hosting epic adventure, beach cleanups, camps and retreats that cultivate deep connectivity through wellness, education & green living, using nature as a catalyst.


We are a collective of nature enthusiasts dedicated to creating a family of conscious adventure seekers that are drawn to intellectual conversations, deep heartfelt connections who believe they can make a difference.  If our presence on the planet leaves the world a better place, we have accomplished our mission.
In order to make a difference we need a community with a platform that allows us to make a connection on a level that speaks to the heart.  Our platform is designed to allow us to connect with ourselves and with each other in the most organic and authentic way. It is our responsibility to shift the paradigm and instill positive change in the world for the well-being of the planet and our future generations.

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