Spa Girl Cocktails

Made with ultra-premium American vodka and all natural flavors – Spa Girl Cocktails’ low calorie martinis are delicious, guilt-free and ready for anything.
Spa Girl Cocktails is the quintessentially classic American brand that captures an irresistibly feminine yet timeless lifestyle that‘s chic, sexy, and always in good taste – the embodiment of founder Karen Haines’s own lifestyle. The brand radiates her core beliefs: timeless beauty not trends; passion not conformity; personal relationships not contacts. She has poured her recipe for life into every bottle.

Karen has more than 35 years of experience in the international travel and hospitality industries, interior design and sales, and as Vice President for Chris Haines Off Road Specialist, Inc. She started her journey working for United Airlines for 17 years on special assignments, promotional videos, modeling and as an international flight attendant.

It was over these many travels that Karen developed her amazing sense of style. When she put her feet back on the ground in the mid 90’s she started an interior design company that emphasized elegance, sophistication and glamour with a keen sense of modern living with clients from Newport Beach to Nantucket and internationally from Europe to Mexico.

During this time Karen also worked with her husband Chris Haines (15-time winner of the Baja 1000, Off-Road Hall of Famer and professional trainer for the US Special Forces).  At Chris Haines Off Road Specialist, Inc. she assumed responsibility for sales, marketing, and business operations. With her astute entrepreneurial skills she facilitated the expansion into a multi-million dollar business with continued and sustainable annual growth.

Throughout every transformation, Karen has never lost sight of the women who inspire her. The women of her family (her grandmothers, mother, aunts and daughters) who instilled in her the importance of embracing life and to always ensure that every adventure was pursued in the company of true friends. Her commitment to live life to the fullest (and look fabulous doing it) culminated in the birth of Spa Girls Cocktails in 2011. Karen is the face, passion and identity behind the brand using her experience, love of art, music, culture and travel to make her mark in the lifestyle industry. Known amongst friends for throwing fabulous parties with her refined taste and style – Karen is the essence and true spirit of Spa Girl.

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