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Surfing With Jordan Cross, A FLOC Member Profile

It was 5:30 in the morning when I heard the buzz.  The daylight was still pending and I was quite content in bed as I rolled over to glance at my phone.   “GET UP!” was all that the text said.  I wanted to write back “I hate you!,” but I didn’t and before I knew it I was up, board shorts on and standing at the curb.  Through the morning fog appeared a sleek, silent Ford Escape Hybrid.  Behind the glass was the smirking redhead Jordan Cross.  He gave me the nod and then within seconds my board was loaded and we were off…

Maybe you have to be a surfer to understand it, but there is something quite bonding about getting into the cold water at the crack of dawn with another human being.  It’s torture, but the pain doesn’t feel as bad when someone else is doing it with you.  Somehow for Jordan and I these early morning surf sessions had become a daily ritual and although the waves were often hit and miss, the conversation was always on par.  Over an hour surf session you can cover a range of topics and without fail our banter took us through the latest dating stories, updates about family and friends, Ali’s hopes of finding a husband on theBachelorette, and of course the upcoming events involving PCRF and FLOC.  It was this final topic in which we had held the most common ground and it was primarily because of PCRF and FLOC that our friendship came to be.

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For 15 years Jordan’s family has been involved with the Pediatric Cancer Research Foundation (PCRF), and over the years Jordan has played a number of roles assisting in its growth.  In the summer of 2009, Jordan stepped up to help PCRF reach a younger demographic and get new people involved.  It was at that time that Jordan heard about FLOC and its mission/vision to help young professionals connect with non-profits in the community.  Jordan liked the idea and within a month we were shaking hands at theWind and Sea in Dana Point.

My first impression of Jordan was a very likeable, easy going, cool guy with a bright smile.  I later came to know him as a type A, driven, let’s get things done, (D on the DiSC) work horse.  All great qualities for a man who has become the Chairperson of the PCRF 2011 10k run, 5k run/walk, 1K Kids’ Fun Run and Bike Tour (which FLOC will participate in this Spring 2011 ).  — From the beginning of our acquaintance Jordan pushed to have an awareness event with PCRF and FLOC.  We eventually settled on having a wine tasting affair at the La Maison Gourmet in Mission Viejo, January 2010.  Jordan and Troy Varenchik (PCRF co-worker) spoke at the event and gave a moving speech about the organization’s work to help find a cure to children’s cancer.  FLOC responded by participating in the 2010 5k/10k Run, contributing to the PCRF Associate Advisory Board and bringing ongoing awareness to PCRF’s events.  (See this e-newsletter for info on PCRF’s” Bid for the Kid.”)

The new partnership between PCRF and FLOC was and is exciting, and it is the direct result of Jordan’s leadership and commitment to bringing awareness to a cause that he is passionate about.  But beyond PCRF and FLOC, Jordan grasps the concept that a healthy community is a connected community and that we (as a community) should take responsibility and participate in helping to solve our pending issues.  In this regard, Jordan is clearly a current and Future Leader of Our Community.

A couple of months ago Jordan became a FLOC Professional Member.  He says he did it because since moving back to Orange County it’s been one of a few organizations in which he has found a true sense of fellowship and in which he’s developed some quality friendships.  I’m certainly glad he feels that way as it’s also the feeling that we have towards him and it’s one of the tenants that we are trying to foster within FLOC’s organization.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Although I’m not always excited about getting up at the crack of dawn to surf cold water, I do enjoy the opportunity to spend time with a man of good character, virtues, discipline and passion.   It is inspiring and it gives me hope for my own work and our society.  Jordan walks the talk and I am privileged to call him a friend.  I am looking forward to the many more early sessions to come and continued conversations as to how FLOC can contribute to the courageous work of PCRF.

If you have not gotten a chance to meet Jordan as of yet, you can do so by attending the upcoming PCRF “Bid for the Kid” gala (special $100 FLOC price, you must enter “Welcome!” for the priority code), attend the next FLOC event at Sutra or join Jordan and I for some morning surf.  Hopefully 5:30AM won’t be too early for you!

For more information on how to contact Jordan Cross or to learn more about his professional work as a Third Party Administrator of Qualified Retirement Plans, please click on the following: FLOC Directory.    —  Shawn Wehan, Ex. Dir. FLOC


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