Mar 8 10:37am

The Importance of Networking ~ Seeking FLOC’s Help!

At some point in our careers we all begin to realize the value of networking.  Whether our goal is to develop a stronger client base, discover new business, get recommended for a new job, find a mate, meet new friends or simply expand our world perspective…networking is critically important and in many careers vitally essential.

Now, some of you are pros at networking while others are just starting down the networking maze.

One of the reasons FLOC was created was to help Members find an easier path to networking.  As FLOC has grown over the last three years our influence and networking circles have quadrupled.  FLOC’s expansion into Los Angeles and San Diego along with the relationships with nonprofit partners, young professional networking groups, businesses and community leaders has created an environment of incredible opportunity.

Are you taking advantage of it???  If not, we want to help you!

What are your networking needs?  Who do you need to meet?

Send us an e-mail and we’ll let you know how FLOC can help…

In the meantime, read some of these great articles on “The Importance of Networking.”  They offer sound advice and should help motivate you to get out there and discover the success to be found in networking.  Good luck!

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