May 10 3:48pm

The Why Question…?

Today FLOC members celebrate the life of a young man who passed away a year ago from cancer.  The beloved husband/friend/son lived a beautiful life, but died way too young to a disease that has taken away too many lives.  As a gesture of support and solidarity, friends and FLOC members volunteered/ran last Sunday at the PCRF race to assist in the fight to bring an end to the deadly disease.

On the same day members walked in Dana Point, Del Mar and Huntington Beach to remember their loved ones lost to Cystic Fibrosis and to continue the research for a cure that is still to be discovered.

On the same weekend members gathered to celebrate special needs children at the Fish For Life Poker Tournament, run with our community’s teenagers at theWeROCK/OC Marathon race and help at-risk-youth by hitting balls at the Boys Hope Girls Hope golf tournament.

FLOCers don’t take time out of their weekend for no reason.   They set time apart because these issues are real, often personal and they have meaning beyond simple self-interest.  FLOCers know the significance of being in solidarity with others who are suffering, to be of service to those who can’t go it alone and to be the model of compassion for others to follow.  There is an understanding that the need is great and they do their part, to the best of their ability, to make an impact and a difference.

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