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FLOC’s TOP 10 Best Moments

FLOC celebrates its 5-year anniversary this week, so we thought it would be fun to look back over the years and choose the TOP 10 Best Moments in FLOC’s history.   Certainly you might have a few more to add.

calle la primavera#10) “FLOC” Idea Conceived  (Jan, 2009)

It was lunchtime on January 7th, 2009, when roommates Shawn Wehan and Mike McSweeney held a one minute conversation on the stairwell at their home in Dana Point.  The conversation turned into five months of preparation with an Awareness Event on May 9th, at Purple Feet in Dana Point.  The evening featured the Surfrider Foundation…FLOC was born.


#9) “FLOCer of the Year” Established (May, 2010)

One of FLOC’s earliest traditions was established at the one-year anniversary party with the “FLOCer of the Year” award.  The trophy is given to a member(s) who most exemplifies FLOC’s mission/vision of living a philanthropic lifestyle and inspiring others to do the same.  Dewey Bushaw was the first member to win the award, followed later by John Lotz, Mat Masoni, Geoffrey Varga, AnneMarie Hernandez and Robert Kollar.  381716_10151366659575695_1438318192_n

#8) FLOC’s Holiday Celebration & Pub Crawl (Dec, 2009)

It’s been clear from the beginning that FLOC Members are both nuts about philanthropy and partying together.  The 1st Holiday Celebration and Pub Crawl gave members an excuse to do both as hundreds of toys were wrapped for needy children and dollars were raised at participating bars along the pub-crawl path.


#7) Nonprofit Status and Name Change (Oct, 2010)

The decision for “Future Leaders of Orange County” to become a 501c3 nonprofit was a long thought out process by FLOC’s founders, members and advisors.  In October of 2010, the status became official and was eventually followed by a name change to “Future Leaders of Our Community” allowing FLOC to expand outside of Orange County. 45492_10151947567360695_1174082078_n

#6) The Inaugural Gala (Sept, 2013)

Throwing a gala is no small task.  It took FLOC a total of four years to create an event strong enough to invite the entire Orange County community.  On September 12th, 2013 the FLOC Inaugural Gala finally happened with over 170 people in attendance.


#5) Givsum Envisioned and FLOC’s Sustainability Plan Written (Summer, 2012)

546420_10150999884715695_1810892922_nIf FLOC was going survive beyond the sheer strength of its initial founders/members it was going to need a “sustainability plan” that would keep it in business for the long-term.  In the summer of 2012, the Laguna “70s tree house” provided the perfect location  for founders/members to write the plan and conceive the idea of Givsum, FLOC’s social enterprise.  (Sign-up for beta today!)

#4) LA and SD Expansion (Summer 2012)


In the summ282522_10150239321676890_373905_ner of 2012, Joe Szopa (Los Angeles) and Jesus Sanchez (San Diego) took an enormous leap and launched FLOC chapters outside of Orange County.  Doing so allowed FLOC as an organization to dream bigger and to begin laying the foundation for establishing itself nationally.


#3) Mission Hospital and Ketel One Vodka Event (August, 2009)

1800475_10152296962200695_2004065652_nTo date, the most widely talked about FLOC event remains the Mission Hospital Awareness Event at Ketel One Vodka/Nolet Spirits’ Hospitality Room.  Over 90 young professionals attended and the professionalism of the event set the standard for what it meant to be engaged in philanthropy.

#2) FLOC’s Board/Advisors Established (Jan, 2011)

1236709_10151947570310695_2132344659_nFLOC would never have made it to year 5 without the establishment of an exceptional Board of Directors and Advisory Council.  Both intellectually and financially, the Board and Advisors have established FLOC’s foundation and have set the organization on a long-term path to growing its mission/vision though-out Orange County and beyond.

#1) Salt Creek Beach Cleanup with Surfrider Foundation (May, 2009)

DSC_6097It wasn’t a huge turnout, but FLOC’s 1st volunteer activity was successful enough to prove that young professionals were willing to get their hands dirty for a local cause.  Encouraged by the event, FLOC’s founders pushed forward to establish the FLOC model of monthly Awareness Events followed by a volunteer activity.  Fast forward 5 years and there has been over 80 Awareness Events with 220,000 service hours delivered to 150 local causes!

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