Apr 1 12:33pm

Varga Donates $47 Million, Joins Giving Pledge, Shocks FLOC Members

Geoff-PhilIn a surprise move early Wednesday morning, local philanthropist, FLOC Member and charity advocate Geoffrey Varga joined the ranks of Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerburg and Warren Buffett by signing the “Giving Pledge” and donating $47 Million in cash to the Costa Newport Evening Wildlife Foundation.  FLOC Members suspected that Varga was worth millions, but no one saw this size of a donation coming.  As Varga explains, “The cash was stored under my bed at my apartment estate in Newport for years.”  Several Members had visited the estate, but no one actually ventured under Varga’s bed.  Now that the contents have been revealed, questions arise as to what other luxuries might be hiding in his room.  Nevertheless, Varga’s generous heart continuous to inspire others as his Givsum Score has now reached a high of 71.  As he asserts, “This is just the beginning, I have a life-time of giving still to accomplish.”  We commend you Geoffrey Varga, keep up the good work and we’ll see you at the next FLOC Awareness Event!

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