Apr 16 2:20pm

Why Membership Matters

dsc_4059In a few short weeks FLOC will celebrate its 5 year anniversary!  That’s an incredible accomplishment for any small business, let alone a nonprofit.  The anniversary is a testament to the passion, persistence and commitment of so many individuals including founders, sponsors, donors and most importantly MEMBERS.

In the earliest months of FLOC’s existence, there were no formal membership dues or supporters.  Everything was free.  It was nice, but not sustainable.  By the summer of 2010, FLOC created a tiered membership price of $25 for a “Basic” and $150 for a “VIP.”  This lasted only one year and in the summer of 2011 a single membership price of $160 was adopted.  The dollar amount was determined based on an individuals cost of 12 Awareness events, 4 leadership trainings, 3 special gatherings, a welcome packet, t-shirt, name badge and staff supplies.  The $160 price continues to be in effect and remains vital to FLOC’s existence and work.

111Over the last three years there have been 300+ individuals that have purchased a FLOC Membership.  Their financial support has allowed FLOC to thrive, to expand into LA and SD counties, to grow nonprofit partnerships to over 150 and to serve the community with more than 210,000 hours of volunteer engagement.  Membership has been FLOC’s lifeblood as FLOC has grown from a small simple idea to a movement of young professionals fired up to make a difference in their community.

As FLOC begins to celebrate 5 years of service in the community, we want to say a HUGE THANK YOU to all of our Members!!!  Your membership DOES make a difference and it matters to FLOC’s sustainability and growth.  With out you, FLOC would not exist and would not function in the community.  So, THANK YOU!!

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~ Top 10 Ways to take Advantage of a FLOC Membership! 


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