Nov 5 7:49pm

Young Professionals…Finding a Social Life?

Let’s face it…the vast majority of us operate out of a place of self interest.  It’s difficult not to.  We want to be happy, popular, powerful and successful.  Like a drug we seek it out.  We want excitement in our lives, passion and meaning.  We desire the right clothes, car, home, lifestyle, church, friends, partner, kids and look.  Magazines, TV, internet, radio and society are yelling at us with an endless barrage of how to do it. How to be amazing, inspirational, emblematic, fashionable, cool and beyond all else…relevant.  This is our endless pursuit.  We fight after it until we can’t handle it anymore, until we are exhausted, warn-down, beat up by the system, our pockets empty, and then God-forbid old age…

Well, most of us aren’t there yet.  We’re still fighting the good fight and doing what we can to make a difference, to do something and to be somebody.  So for a lot of us, that’s where FLOC comes in.  I’m not saying it’s a panacea and that every answer to one’s social downfalls can be met through its enchanted door, but one would have to admit it’s a pretty darn good vehicle.   Let me explain…  If you want to meet the mayors of local cities, state and federal congressmen, business leaders, nonprofit Executive Directors and dine in some of the trendiest locations in the OC, than FLOC will get you there.  If you want to network with the Emerging ProfessionalsOC EliteNewport Jaycees,young ProfessionalCommittee of Big Brothers Big SistersGenNext or the Young Professionals World Affairs Council of Orange County, FLOC too will deliver.  If you desire endless invitations to nonprofit galas where you can be seen amongst some of the top inspiring philanthropist in the state, than FLOC is your ticket.  If you love the “night life” and want to be included in party after party after party until there is absolutely no more room on your calendar, well than look no further.  Did Imention volunteering??  Let’s just say endless!  New friends, new contacts, new relationships, new life if you so desire.  Honestly, I’m not kidding.  By the way, it grows exponentially.  Completely exhausting:) Jump on board!

Here’s a few opportunities coming down the pike:

Nov. 6, Jake’s Birthday Booz Cruise, Newport

Nov. 7, Stay Classy Awards, San Diego

Nov. 9, Business with Pleasure – FLOC, Emerging Professionals & Families Forward, Newport

Nov. 18, All Things Royale, FLOC and Ronda’s Dream Center, Costa Mesa

Nov. 20, Cystic Fibrosis, “Let it Breath” Gala

Nov. 20, Families Forward, Thanksgiving Basket Delivery


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