Jan 5 7:17pm

Your Personal Philanthropic Coach!

New Years resolutions are great and we all make them.  However, only 8% of us are strong enough to follow through with them to the end of the year.  In fact, 80% of us fail by January 20th.  Pathetic, right!

Last year more people became FLOC members during the month of January than any other month in 2011.  Many of you were probably saying, “Oh ya, volunteering, I’m into it.”  And many of you followed through—which was awesome—and it resulted in over 22,000 volunteer hours given to the community!  However, a percentage of you started off strong…but fizzled in your community engagement as the year moved forward.  Don’t feel bad, it just happens.  We get busy, life takes over and before you know it the year is done.

Well, this year the FLOC membership is going to look a little different.  If you make the commitment to become a FLOC member, we’ll make the commitment to be your Personal Philanthropic Accountability Partner.  That’s right!  Like a personal trainer at the gym, were going to hold you accountable to perform the community work that YOU desire to do.  If YOU say that you’d like to give 30 hours of volunteer service in 2012, we’ll hold you to it, donate $600+ to local nonprofits, we’ll show you the way, join an Associate Board or a Committee, and we’ll make sure it happens.

You want to be more than just a member by name; you want to be out in the community FLOCing!  You want to be engaged, making a difference; feeling good about your contribution and helping others build a better community together.  That’s the point of a FLOC membership and that’s the point of a FLOC organization.

So, together in partnership, we’ll help you accomplish your goals and help you find success in building a better world!  Go ahead and become a new member today or renew (if it is time).  Just be prepared to receive a phone call from Amanda Goglanian our FLOC Membership Director.  She’ll want to know your goals and the FLOC Team will follow-up with you throughout the year.

Be bold, shoot high and make this year the best philanthropic year of your life!  We’re here to help you get there!

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