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Young employees are often confused as to how to serve the nonprofit community while also representing their business. They desire to volunteer, but have no idea where to start. FLOC understands this, which is why FLOC partners with local nonprofits to create and promote one-time awareness and volunteer events geared to inspire business young professionals into action. Strong leaders recognize that leading involves giving back to the community. Help your younger employees start down this path by teaming with FLOC and creating a work environment that fosters community engagement!

  • Monthly Awareness Networking Events
  • Ongoing Volunteer Activities
  • Board and Nonprofit Committee Opportunities
  • Community Leader Certification and Training


Your focus is on your business and although you would like to be more involved in the community, it can be both time consuming and frustrating. Luckily, FLOC has done the work of building relationships and partnering with over 100+ charities in Orange County and beyond. Let us help you engage these nonprofits with hands-on activities that best serve your business’ charitable aspirations.

Attend Winter Cruise to Avalon – 2019

  • Hands-on Assistance for a one-time “Volunteer Day Experience”
  • Introductions Between Nonprofits and Your Business
  • Training for Nonprofit Committee and Board Positions
  • Assistance with Local Nonprofit Marketing Opportunities
  • Discounted FLOC Memberships
  • Monthly Informative Community Newsletter

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