Corazon, Inc.


corazonjpgBuilding Community by strengthening families, enabling service, promoting self-sufficiency and inspiring mutually beneficial relationships across borders. At the heart of Corazón lie notions of community and advocacy. In order for a community to thrive, it must have family support. In order for a family to prosper, it must have community support. The two are intrinsically bound together. The idea of Corazón is to provide a sense of community in which all families within it can help themselves while helping others. Corazón enables these families and individuals to go as far as their hard work and dedication will carry them, leaving their dignity and self-esteem intact. Corazón is unique in how it structures its program. Corazón does not offer handouts, it offers a hand up. It is a community development organization that offers opportunities through its h ands-on, multifaceted, community service program.

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