February 21, 2011

FLOC “Elder” Wade Slome!

From the microphone at last month’s January awareness event, Wade Slome claimed the name FLOC “Elder.” Although he might have been referring to his age as one of FLOC’s “older” members, he certainly spoke the truth in terms of his wisdom and influence that he brings to FLOC as an organization.  Wade’s involvement in FLOC and his… read more

He stands at 6’2″, he’s 26 years old, Irish, an avid skier, surfer, sailor, golfer, international traveler, he speaks Mandarin and knows international business and China like the back of his hand, he’s FLOC’s Co-Founder and is now Chairman of FLOC’s Board of Directors.  His name is Michael McSweeney, and yes ladies…he is the most… read more

Let’s face it…the vast majority of us operate out of a place of self interest.  It’s difficult not to.  We want to be happy, popular, powerful and successful.  Like a drug we seek it out.  We want excitement in our lives, passion and meaning.  We desire the right clothes, car, home, lifestyle, church, friends, partner,… read more

No joke!  Becoming a nonprofit is a lot of work, financially taxing and a PROCESS.  From start to finish it took FLOC an entire year to get the job done.  It’s not an impossible task as there are 1.3 million other organizations in the US that have been approved, however, don’t fool yourself as its… read more

It was 5:30 in the morning when I heard the buzz.  The daylight was still pending and I was quite content in bed as I rolled over to glance at my phone.   “GET UP!” was all that the text said.  I wanted to write back “I hate you!,” but I didn’t and before I knew… read more

January 2, 2010

FLOC Rockin’ 2010!

Happy New Year FLOC!! We hope everyone enjoyed the holiday season and found some time to rest and renew with family and friends. Special thank you to those who joined us at the beginning of the holiday season for the FLOC/OC Food Bank party. Photos of the event have been posted on our web page:;… read more

December 2, 2009

FLOC Holiday Cocktail Party!

Dear Future Leaders of OC, 1) The big FLOC holiday cocktail party for the OC Food Bank is this coming Saturday, 8PM at FLOC headquarters! Entertainment will be provided by the Zack Salazar band and DJ dance music by Andrea. Expect good eats, fun bartenders and a new specialty drink from Kettle One Vodka. Admission… read more

Today, as we draw closer to the holiday season, I’d like to share with you information about a recently formed non-profit organization that is particularly close to many of our FLOC members’ hearts. The organization is called THE INNOCENCE MISSION and it is dedicated to the eradication of child sexual abuse throughout our society. It… read more

October is FLOC’s building month!!  Hope to see you at one of the following events! 1. Ex. Dir. Sharon Ellis from Habitat for Humanity is on deck to speak with FLOC, next Wednesday Oct. 7th at Tannins in San Juan. Should be an informative meeting with opportunities to network and get involved. fyi…Oct. 28th and… read more

September 2, 2009

Calling all FLOCers!!!!!!!!

Hi FLOCers, Here is a great way to give back to your community and it only takes a few minutes of your time AND doesn’t cost a thing!! Nike has a grant program that awards local organizations funds for doing amazing work with young people through sports! PLEASE VOTE FOR “We ROCK”: We Run Orange County’s… read more

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